Sixty Vocab is crafted for different types of learners.  For the visual learner, you’ll see an image of the word, along with it spelled out. For the auditory learner, you’ll hear the word and its pronunciation. And for the kinesthetic learner, you’ll type (or touch on your tablet) the word out, letter by letter. By triggering different senses, you’ll become familiar with the word in all of its forms. Combine the 3 approaches together, and your brain is well on its way toward learning, retaining and recalling that word.  


So before clicking "next word", you will have to type the word you are learning.

If that solution doesn't work, then try playing Sixty Vocab in Google's Chrome web browser.  While Sixty Vocab is designed to work across all browsers, we have found it performs best in the latest version of Chrome.  Here's a link to the latest version of Chrome: